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Some examples of the building process
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Installed cabinetry almost finished
Shop drawings with all details
Planing all stock to size
Stock cut to size and mortises cut
Tenon's cut on all rails
One frame ready for assembly
Gluing up tenon for assembly
Tenon goes into mortise etc etc
Partial assembly of one of the tall cabinets
Assembled frame clamped and drying
Assembled frames rabbeted and dadoed ready for box assembly
Box sides attached to face frames dadoed and ready to accept bottoms and top rails
Tops and bottoms captured within sides
Installing plinths and center columns on tall unit
Inset beads installed on inside edges of frames
Tall unit assembled
Tall unit with base plinth, turned column base and fluted column as well as inst bead around inside frame
Cabinets assembled and ready to have inset doors fitted prior to finishing. All get put together and than undone for finishing
Rolling TV stand with storage and glass door for equipment
Mortise and tenon's cut and ready
Assembly started, working from center out
Frame assembled and clamped
Box parts ready for assembly
Box assembled